The right person at the right place.
Fashion Team makes available a wide range of professionals for any occasion, from conferences to promotional initiatives. Very good looks and great people skills at an absolutely competitive price.

Stewards, stewardesses, promoters, tour leaders, interpreters, drivers, security people and much more, internally trained add style and personality to any event.

How much are our professionals? Less than you would think, thanks to local recruiting that permits us control travel expenses whilst maintaining high quality resources.

You will get much more than you might think for your budget.
Highly qualified professionals, prepared to take part in any type of event, formal and informal.

Local recruiting to reduce costs and optimise resources controlling travel expenses.

Accurate selection: thanks to our twenty-year long expertise in model management, we identify, select and brief the most suitable professionals for your needs, to give you the right person for the right place.

Contact us to learn more about our offers and ask for a personalised quote.